Feb 09

Goddess Gigi – Edge The Gimp

Goddess Gigi enjoys overpowering men and transforming them into helpless gimps to add to her ever growing toy collection. Her gimp is kept tightly bound and always hooded making sure he is forever in the dark and oblivious to what devious games she wants to play. Gigi knows the best way to mindfuck a gimp is by torturously edging his cock with slow teasing strokes making him whimper and moan for more. Read More »

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Feb 08

Roberta Triple Ruin

Release Year: 2014

I realize he’s ready to cum and indicate Mistress Roberta to stop rubbing his prick. As expected, several seconds later he came, with what we discovered later to be a huge quantity of sperm. His orgasm was truly ruined, as his cum literally oozed out of his prick and was not shot. The cum was collected and placed on his ball-gag and lips, slowly filling his mouth with the salty and disgusting taste of his own mess. Read More »

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Feb 06

Big Juicy Farts

Miss Olivia Rose and Mistress Kandy love humiliating their worthless slaves in any fashion they can, and the ladies really prove it in this clip. Both girls unleash mega farts in this guy’s face, and he can’t help thanking them for it as they giggle away. We have a variety of farts here, some long-winded, some short, but all incredibly noxious! As Miss Olivia remarks, slaves will do anything! Read More »

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Feb 05

Shit Happens In Vegas

Miss Jessica is an athletic woman, and she puts her skills to use on the hotel bed in Vegas. She leaps in the air and lands devastating butt drops on her hapless slave, who, despite the shock of it all, is begging for more. Jessica doesn’t need more encouragement; she’s got Mistress Kandy egging her on! Jessica finishes her gymnastic feats with a good old-fashioned face sit, which her eager slave is happy to take as a reward. Read More »

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