Jun 29

Vanessa Cage

Release Year: 2016

To many, Mistress Vanessa Cage’s slave would be considered an alpha male – a muscular bodybuilder who many would fear and look up to. But to a Goddess like Vanessa, he is just another whore begging her to fuck him in the ass with Big Black Cocks. Vanessa treats her chastised bitch like the whore he is, making him beg her to fuck him as she pounds his hole again and again with her huge cock. When he messes up by disrespecting her, she totally destroys his ass as a punishment. Read More »

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Jun 28

Zoey Monroe

Release Year: 2015

Blonde Zoey Monroe is especially adorable in a schoolgirl get-up; she agrees to fuck submissive Wolf Hudson if he lets her peg him. Zoey works over his hairy butthole with a handled dildo and a butt plug before sodomizing him with her big strap-on, and he gets to fuck her asshole too! Read More »

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Jun 27

You will do a boy, I tell you!

Release Year: 2016

When Jay Wimp makes the mistake of trying to impress Jasmine Mendez with his muscles, Jasmine decides to give him a lesson in Female Supremacy. After she mocks him for his lack of muscles, Jasmine overpowers him and puts him on her shoulder like a sack of potatoes, then drops him to the ground, applying a vicious scissor hold to his head. Jasmine then applies a serious of scissor holds on his neck and chest, ordering him to show off his “muscles” for fun as she squeezes him mercilessly. Read More »

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Jun 27

Violent Whips Extreme Pain

Studio: Cruelbabez

Here we go again, with another clip of Miss Lana together with Lady Pam. These two Domz are so shocking cruel and mercyless. Nearly 20 minutes of violent action from beginning to the end. They both whip the slave and deliver extreme pain and dont care about the agonies which the slave has not even for one second. At the end the slave has his complete backside full with wounds and marks from the whipping he get. Damn that must have been very painfull. Eveyone who ever had a real experience whith whipping will know that this guy suffered extreme and real pain! Read More »

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Jun 27

Rachel Evans, Josef – Power Play

Release Year: 2014

Rachel Evans has enjoyed the scenes she’s done for us so far that she asked to welcome new guy Josef and show him the ropes. She caresses his toned torso getting wet at the thought of what this warrior type man could do to her, he spreads her legs and eats away at her moist pussy until she orgasms nice and loud. Now it’s Rachel’s time to fulfil his needs, she bends him over sliding her strap on deep into his tight ass pulling on his hair at the same time before finishing off by giving him a hand-job at the same time. Read More »

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Jun 26

Squeeze Your Juice To The Cries And Moans

Release Year: 2016

Alex is about to go out to a party to hook up with some sleazy girls, but his Stepmom Brandi Love has other ideas. Brandi does not want him around girls who are just after his big trust fund, so she decides to take matters into her own hands by milking Alex herself
before she lets him leave! Brandi expertly controls Alex through his dick, getting him more and more excited as she uses different techniques to jerk his cock, She even lets him kiss her large breasts just to make him even hornier, Once Alex has been milked to orgasm, Brandi has another surprise for him – a chastity cage! Read More »

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Jun 26

Tina In Pink Latex POV Instructions

Release Year: 2016

Well at least you excel at something.. even though it is jerking off your cock. You can’t help but be addicted to stroking yourself, waiting for instrustions from your Lithuanian Queen to tell you exactly how to jerk it. I sexually tease you with My sexy body covered in skin tight latex and talk about how nice it would be for you to rub your cock on me or better yet have it surrounded by my tight wet pussy instead of your hand. HA HA of course my instructions will be humiliating… because well.. you are a slave after all. Read More »

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Jun 25

Mistress Eleise De Lacy – Fucked And Sucked

Release Year: 2016

Latex Mistress Eleise De Lacy is looking for a new servant. The very first candidate has to pass the acid test and is used for swallow – and lick-service. Together with her slave girl  Sanya he’s subjected to more ordeals and even has to suck their fuck-slave’s cock. The fuck-slave has to pleasure the ladies and after he has fucked their cunts and asses he’s allowed to cum on Eleise De Lacy’s tits. Read More »

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Jun 25

Fuck Your Ass For Lyra Louvel

Release Year: 2016

Mistress Lyra Louvel has a plan for you: to turn you into a strap-on whore, a pathetic bitch who can only cum with a Mistress’s cock in your ass. Now go find a dildo to shove up your ass and stroke your cock to Lyra’s instructions. Yes,you will lose any remaining semblance of being a real man if you do, but just look at how beautiful Lyra is in her latex – and imagine her cock thrusting in your ass again and again, stretching out your asshole until it is just like a whore’s, all while she laughs at you. Read More »

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Jun 25

Gaping Ass Fuck Doll

Release Year: 2016

Mistress Tina Kay is training her slave with one goal in mind – to make him an ass gaping fuck doll capable of taking any strap-on she wants to use on him balls deep! Tina plunges her huge purple cock into his ass again and again, training his ass from many different positions to make sure every part of it is stretched to the maximum. Whenever she moves her slave Tina makes sure that he has to clean his ass juices off her cock with his mouth! Read More »

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Jun 24

Kristina’s Cruel Ballbusting Game

Mistress Kristina Rose

Release Year: 2016

Mistress Kristina Rose puts her slave to the test in a cruel game of endurance, ordering him to hold out his arms and keep them straight while holding a stack of her  books in each one. After toying with his helpless body, she adds a huge dildo onto each book stack, then starts kicking him in the balls! Of course the pain from the kicks causes the slave to start dropping the items he is holding up until all of them are on the floor. Read More »

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Jun 24

Suffer At My Royal Feet

Release Year: 2016

Kat Dior makes her relationship with her slave very clear to him: he is nothing but a bitchboy lucky to be at her feet, and she is his Queen, and he had better always address her as such. After having her bitchboy lotion her legs, Kat has him remove her high heels and worship her feet and toes. She mocks his being locked in chastity, asking him how much he would love to serve her royal pussy, but then laughing that all he will ever get is her feet. Read More »

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Jun 24

Extreme Beating With Police Truncheon

Release Year: 2012

This is Extreme! Im armed with a proper police truncheon (a solid stick of hard wood)! I’ve cuffed my slave and i’ve gagged his mouth. Then i beat the life out of him thrashing him hard and beating his scrawny body with my solid wooden stick. He’s screaming and yelling at the top of his voice and trying as hard as he can to get away from me, but there’s no escape. I beat this woman fucker down big time and make him realise what a worthless pathetic cunt he is! Read More »

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Jun 24

Wicked Dommes

Studio: Dom Promotions

In this amazing movie, Goddess Qing teams up with Mistress Alexandra and together they form the most wicked domination partnership known to mankind. This movie is jam packed with scenes that will make your jaw drop. Watch as the Wicked Dommes pick up an unsuspecting stud in a night club with the promise of a blowjob. Little does he know that it will be their transvestite maid giving the blow job and that he will be servicing their tranny slaves with a good arse fucking. Read More »

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