Feb 13

Rachael Madori – Butt Plugged & Enslaved

Release Year: 2015

Mistress Rachael is training this sub for permanent slavery. He is kept butt plugged 24-7 and used whatever way his Mistress see fit. His cock and balls are leashed and his mouth is used to lick and worship her feet. She shoves her foot down his throat showing her dominance over his body. His only purpose is to please his Mistress, all of his holes are at her disposal for her pleasure. Read More »

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Feb 11

Captivemale Femdom Videos 24

Officer Harmony must evaluate oscar beyer and make a decision regarding his future in the military. oscar claims he is a sex addict but Harmony is not convinced, taunting him with questions like “How can someone with a pathetic little dick ever get pussy?” She begins with an interrogation. oscar is flogged, slapped and electro-shocked on his nipples. Later, he is taken for medical tests. Harmony works his cock over like it is a piece of meat taking turns from riding his face to his dick and back again. Read More »

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Feb 10

Captivemale Femdom Videos 22

Only visits her basement when she is either bored or horny. Today she is both, which means kade will not only have to entertain her, he will also need to satisfy her sexual hunger! In an incredibly tight strapado with his balls pulled back to his ams and a huge gag stuffed in his mouth kade waits for Penny to enter. She flicks at his flaccid cock, telling him he is no use to her without a nice hard-on. Read More »

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Feb 09

Goddess Gigi – Edge The Gimp

Goddess Gigi enjoys overpowering men and transforming them into helpless gimps to add to her ever growing toy collection. Her gimp is kept tightly bound and always hooded making sure he is forever in the dark and oblivious to what devious games she wants to play. Gigi knows the best way to mindfuck a gimp is by torturously edging his cock with slow teasing strokes making him whimper and moan for more. Read More »

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Feb 08

Roberta Triple Ruin

Release Year: 2014

I realize he’s ready to cum and indicate Mistress Roberta to stop rubbing his prick. As expected, several seconds later he came, with what we discovered later to be a huge quantity of sperm. His orgasm was truly ruined, as his cum literally oozed out of his prick and was not shot. The cum was collected and placed on his ball-gag and lips, slowly filling his mouth with the salty and disgusting taste of his own mess. Read More »

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