Sep 05

200 Strokes Of The Cane

Studio: Owk

The long and flexible rattan cane is the favorite, most painful and most often used training aid for punishing guilty slaves here in the Other World Kingdom (OWK). You can find that out for yourselves in this videocassette, where Madam Christine de Lamour, Madam Clara and Madam Loreen gladly and without remorse cane the bare asses of several lazy slaves. Their last victim suffers an unbelievable 200 strokes from the cane ! Prior to the beginning of this cruel execution, the slave is faceslapped silly by Madam Christine. Savor the suffering of these slaves, bent over the punishment trestle, helplessly screaming throughout the merciless strikes applied by these lovely, pliable canes! Read More »

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Sep 05

My Strong Shirtless Boywhore – Morning Delight

It’s not unusual seeing a sexy man performing chores around the house without his shirt on. That’s how Ash prefers it, to see her boy whores exposed. Right now though she will give him a break from his tasks to use those muscles to serve her. Pristine loves mornings because it typically means waking up next to her pretty man, having him orally pleasure her and then off he goes to make her a nice warm breakfast. It’s how she likes to wake up every day, with cunnilingus and a side of pancakes. Read More »

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Sep 04

The Beekeeper

Studio: Ballbustingchicks

Watch when the beekeeper and his girlfriend make love in a romantic setting in the woods, next to the beehive. But then all of a sudden the girl changed her mind. Might he has said or done something wrong? She gets angry and like a fury she beats his hard on and kick him hard in the balls. then she let him worship her boots and legs, just to make his cock hard again. After arousal she kicks the aching testicles merciless, again and again. Read More »

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Sep 04

Bad Ass Cop

Studio: Carmen Rivera Entertainment

Three corrupt cops are getting away with their vehicle with a bag full of hush-money. While being on their way, the two officers uncover one of them as one of their
associates. The bag itself isnt filled with money but with a lot of dicks in inhuman sizes! The bastard is getting overpowered and has to endure a questioning with
hardest sek-rules. Fists are flying… directly inside his asshole! Mega dicks are finding their way into his bowels. Read More »

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Sep 02

Milking My Shoebitch

Cast: Mistress Nikita

I will be addressed as Mistress Nikita unless I instruct otherwise. There is little else that pleases me more than seeing a fully grown man at the end of my leash grovel at my high heels begging me to use him like the slut we both know he was born to be! You know the truth. Isn’t it time to stop denying what you really are? Read More »

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Sep 02

Nika In Crushed Like A Bug

Video language: English

Clearly he has no idea who Nika Noire is and she quickly crushes him like a bug into submission. Demanding respect with her sharp tongue, vicious face slapping and smoking hot, latex-clad body, skinjob is stripped, flogged and berated for his tiny cock. he is milked, covered in clothespins and fucked in the ass. Download and enjoy! Read More »

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Aug 31

Becoming Her Cuck Boyfriend

Release Year: 2014

Molly is on the sofa wearing only fishnets, heals and panties. Her boyfriend, Alex Adams starts playing with her boobs. He wants to fuck, but she isn’t interested. She’s about to go work at the club and hook up with lots of hot guys, and she’s barely interested in Alex anymore. As he persists to grope her, she takes control and sits on his face, telling him that she doesn’t really need his cock anymore. She makes him worship her ass and pussy, bouncing and grinding on his face while she belittles him with her perfect big tits bouncing in the proces. Read More »

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Aug 28

Sandra In Fingered And Fucked

Studio: Cm

In a spreadeagle, he is used as a piece of sex furniture. He is trampled, smothered, slapped, clamped, and used as a bondage fuckdoll for Sandra’s hungry cunt. He is ferociously drained of cum and then suspended again. his ass is fingered, fucked and cought before Sandra moves on to his mouth, wondering aloud which hole can take her cock deeper! Read More »

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