Oct 01

Femdom Gold

Bobbi Starr is a greedy, conniving burglar who breaks into Jewell Marceau’s home. Fearless & bold, Jewell catches Bobbi in the act and makes her submit while enduring kinky predicaments of tight bondage, mouth filling gags, & deeply penetrating enema & anal play. To avoid going to prison, Bobbi sees no other choice but to agree to Jewell’s sadistic demands! Read More »

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Sep 29

Sperm Theif

Release Year: 2015

Elektra Blue wants to maximize cum production from all the slaves at the compound. He is restrained with his cock exposed, the perfect position for sperm milking. She uses her new milking machine build up the cum, increasing the suction more and more. The slave cannot resist, he gets hard and ready to be drained again. Alektra laughs as she entices him closer to orgasm, a cruel game of sexual stimulation and constant milking. She manually strokes the cum straight out of his balls. The slave is exhausted but he better rest up, she will be back soon for his hourly milking. Read More »

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Sep 28

The Interrogator

Studio: Ballbustingworld

Nikkis prisoner Red is cable-tied to a chair with a sack over his head and his interrogation is about to begin! The sexy pvc-clad Dominatrix sets about kneeing, squeezing and kicking her captives balls until he is ready to tell her what she wants to know! Over the course of this hard ballbusting video, Nikki strips out of firstly her top and then the rest of her clothing, until she is ballbusting Red wearing only her killer PVC knee high boots! Red is left a broken man, having confessed some very dirty secrets to sexy blonde Nikki! Read More »

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Sep 27

Female Body Builder Testicle Kicking Compilation

Studio: Ballbustinfootlovin

Wow, Female Body Builder Brandi Mae delivers multiple kicks in a variety of positions showing off her physic and flexing her muscles as she kicks the poor low hanging testicles of Bryan Balldacious, who is reduced to a heap of swollen cherry red balls by the end of this clip…. a true classic that any ballbusting aficionado will appreciate! Read More »

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Sep 26

Dungeon Delights

Studio: Dom Promotions

Mistrss real is one of the most versatile Mistresses you will ever have the pleasure of serving. In this film, she shows just how fantastic a Mistress she really is. Watch as she auditions a new slave girl to be the slave of a slave, follow her as her black stallion takes her to the station to collect another mistress. Read More »

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Sep 25

Give Him A Good Licking

Studio: Ballbustingchicks

Its just the classical punishment for a failure who is working together with women, but not able to do his job properly. She grabs his cock for a tight squeeze and she kicks the handcuffed man brutal in the balls while he is kneeing in front of her. In between she stops only for laughing at him or a good hard face slapping. Read More »

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Sep 22

Contractors In Pain

The Ladies had been called in to deal with a cheating husband. After punching, kicking, kneeing him in the balls, they dragged him into the dungeon and teased his cock, balls and nipples while him. Spitting, slapping and hanging a bucket from his balls! They debased the man-pig and, after an excruciatingly painful hot-waxing of his cock tip, they cleaned it with a bristle brush and milked his raw cock into the cum plate. Read More »

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Sep 20

Mistress Aradia Has Two Slaves At Hand

Cast: Mistress Aradia
Video language: English

Mistress Aradia has plenty of ideas in mind when it comes to giving herself some truly spectacular sexual pleasure. She just loves getting her slaves together  when she’s got the strap on going, especially after she’s spent plenty of time working herself up into a hot frenzy. Before long she has gotten both slaves to suck her fake cock, and she’s… Read More »

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Sep 13

Redhead Hottie Justine Joli Submits To Femdom!

Cast: Justine Joli, Ander Page

Justine Joli might be a very pleasuring starlet when she’s getting down and dirty in porn, but sometimes she just likes to submit to the skilled hands of her girlfriend Ander Page. Ander looks marvelous in firm leather, and she’s going to make Justine have the time of her life. There’s plenty of clothing fetish, bondage and femdom action to make… Read More »

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