Jul 25

Mounted & Milked

Miss Serva

Miss Serva yanks the fleshlight off Sean’s cock just before it explodes and sticks the cunt lips in his face. She goes back to fuck him some more but this time, as he begins to fuck the vagina, She back fists him right in the balls. He screams and she continues to pound his nuts every time he gets excited in the cunt she is stroking him with. Finally, she removes it and gets him almost ready with her hands and then stops. One more turn and he is begging. Read More »

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Jul 25

The Plumber

The Plumber

Amber was a collegiate athlete, an American Gladiator (Apache) but more recently she is competing as a heavyweight female bodybuilder in the NPC. At 59 Amber competes at 180 solid ripped pounds. Her off-season weight is in the 200 lbs range. Amber exudes sensuality. Her long beautiful hair compliments he big brown eyes, sexy smile and laid back friendly demeanor. But make no mistake, this woman will kick your ass! Guys, get in between those legs, and you have no chance to escape. But what a way to go! Read More »

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Jul 23

Amazon Pussy Service

Mistress Blair

Mistress Blair has trained this slave to worship and service her pussy whenever and however she wants it. Blair towers over her slave as she has him start by licking and sucking her pussy; the contrast between the sexy Amazon getting pleasured and the tiny, chastised slave toiling away for her satisfaction is quite striking. Blair then relaxes on her couch as the slave keeps worshipping her. Read More »

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Jul 22

And I Got To The Medical Torture!

And I Got To The Medical Torture!

Release Year: 2016

Ivan today on reception to the doctor to have it checked out because of what he had indigestion. But when he went into the office and saw that the doctor Pretty girl. She erotically short robe. But she did not think that she would be his problem, she decided to treat it as they tied his arms and legs and head masturbating vibrator member until cum splattered. Read More »

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Jul 20

Mistress Eleise De Lacy & Miss Woods – Mission Impossible

Mistress Eleise De Lacy

Release Year: 2014

Featuring Miss Woods & Mistress Eleise de Lacy. A volunteer is required for a mission behind enemy lines. The officers need to know that in the event of capture, the candidate will not crack too easily under interrogation. A series of physical and mental challenges are employed to test him to his breaking point. Read More »

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Jul 20

Stephani Just Wants To Bust Balls

Lance is working hard at a fetish convention, and hired a girl named Stephani to help him with all the model paper work and other odds and ends. Now that Stephani has seen what the other girls get to do, she is excited and turned on by kicking boys in the nuts, teasing them, and all that fun. She wants That job. When Lance tries to talk her into the paperwork job because his balls are sore from all the abuse so far, she grinds up against him all seductive like, rubbing her pantyhose and tight mini dress clad body against his, then she knees him in the balls. Read More »

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Jul 17

Bailey Paige – Get Fucked For Your Freedom

Bailey returns to Lance. Now she is wearing shiny tights, knee high socks, sneakers and pig tails. And a strap-on dildo. She waives Lance’s chastity keys in his face and tells him that he can finally get released today, after she fucks his ass as hard as she wants. She shoves some dirty, frilly panties in his mouth and tells him that they have to stay in his mouth while he gets fucked, or else he won’t be released. Read More »

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Jul 17

Dre Hazel – Fucked Hard And Fed Cum

Dre Hazel

Dre Hazel has Lance bound to the bed with his legs up. She stuffed her pink panties in his mouth, and now she is going to fuck his ass hard. She pounds him hard, asking him how much he likes her dick while he moans with a mouth full of her dirty panties. Her big tits bounce while she totally man-handles him, railing away at his ass hard and deep. Read More »

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Jul 16

Dava Foxx – Sweet Pegging

Dava Foxx is standing behind Lance in shiny pantyhose, high heels and a mini skirt. Her big tits on her tiny frame are pressed against his back. She struts around him to grab a strap-on and puts it in his mouth. “Are you ready for this?” She bends him over the dining room table and sensually fucks his ass, making him moan. Dava smiles behind him while she fucks him, picking up her pace to a really hard fuck. Read More »

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