Carmen Rivera is famous german dominatrix who produces femdom videos since 1999 and is well known for her brutal strap-on movies. She also specializes in latex and rubber fetish, foot worship, cbt and tickle torture. Enjoy free movies from Baronessa di Rivera!

Carmen Rivera – Dildo Shopping Queens Pt 1

First shopping, then popping! This is the motto of Mistresses Carmen Rivera and Lady Sahara during their trip to Berlin’s Dildo King. The shopping queens shopping cart is filled quickly with all kinds of bizarre sex toys. Warehouse worker Frank soon proves that “customer is queen”!

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Carmen Rivera – Anonymous Fuck

Carmen Rivera - Anonymous Fuck

During a business travel to the Geneva summit the capitalist is experiencing on himself how it feels like being taken as an ass. He is being abused mercilessly by the two dommes being camouflaged with anonymous style masks. Their adamant fists and feet get screwed again and again into his slippery smooth intestines. The rapidly growing diameter of its asshole is quickly topping any deficit!

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Carmen Rivera – Roses Of Amsterdam

Heavy face slaps and our paddles cause to a lot of red slave skin. After his anal defloration comes a breathtaking face sitting in which he is only separated from the beauty of his Mistress by a thin foil. Heaven and hell at the same time. The scene ends in a strangulation which our little “hanging Dutchman” won’t experience in a long time!

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Carmen Rivera – Helsinki Angels

Baronessa Carmen Di Rivera is a guest at a sex shop in Finland. Her hostess, Mistress Puma Moore, has many surprises in store for her! First, Mistress Puma brings her submissive male slave out for Baronessa Carmen. The slave is made to worship the Mistresses, crawl on all fours like a pooch, and is subjected to anal play, whipping and humiliation.

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Kinky Carmen – Nothing For Pantywaisters

Baronessa di Rivera and Miss Emelie Bentley suddenly have a big slave-fish on their fishing-rod while they were enjoying the day at their personal lake. As a welcome gift he gets a severe kick into his bowel. The reptiles dick is beeing used as a target so that he has to endure really heavy pain. Both of the Mistresses are proving that even fishes can be afraid to!

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Kinky Carmen – Abstrafung

Carmen’s companion, Miss Kelly, preps their slave’s ass for what’s to come. She has his legs tied high in the air so he can’t lower as she works. She shoves plenty of lube in his hole, slowly slipping her entire fist deep inside. When Carmen arrives, the real fun can begin.

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