Training With Three Ladies

Lady Natalie Black and her two friends are using a slave in Berlin. Lady Natalie is presenting her new slave to both ladies. They put him in clingfilm, do facesitting, nippleplay with clamps, electro sounds in the cock and at the end they milk his cock. Lady Natalie Black together with the famous German mistress Carmen Riviera.

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Der Champagner Die

Here we have more of Carmen’s peculiar and perverse brand of kink, from Europe’s premiere dominatrix. At some sort of decadent club, Carmen and a friend of hers enjoy perverse pleasures of a multitude of types. The movie also offers scenes of foot worship while wearing a face mask, riding a man, and spitting on the face and in the mouth of another man.

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Carmen Rivera – Anonymous Fuck

Carmen Rivera - Anonymous Fuck

During a business travel to the Geneva summit the capitalist is experiencing on himself how it feels like being taken as an ass. He is being abused mercilessly by the two dommes being camouflaged with anonymous style masks. Their adamant fists and feet get screwed again and again into his slippery smooth intestines. The rapidly growing diameter of its asshole is quickly topping any deficit!

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Carmen Rivera – Domina In Berlin Video 6

The young Lady adds its slave collar around the neck next to it and the cord takes as itself so that it always has it beautifully at the foot services under control, too. It waits the room enters on knees in the room for the mistress…

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Carmen Rivera – Domina In Berlin Video 5

One slave gets his ass whipped like hell, until it’s red and spangled with nasty marks… The other slave, all of a sudden, squirts his cum on the floor, just by the sight of Mistress Sophia Black or being witness of a cruel punishment? Nevertheless she punishes his cock for cumming without her permission!

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Cuba Revolution – All You Can Fuck!

Cuba Revolution - All You Can Fuck!

Slave Rory from distant Cuba has been dreaming for a long time of being taken severely by Carmen Rivera. His intimate fantasy finally gets realized but its a hard reality: She mercilessly rams her giant dildo into his ass. Again and again she is penetrating his intestines driven by cuban salsa- rhythms in her loins. A noble Cohiba and a glas of Havanna Club do inspire her to even deeper drillings.

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Plug My Butt Mistress

Mistress Carmen Rivera is used to cash slaves flying her around the world and buying whatever she desires. They forgot all about it and play with it a bit before they take it out. Carmen has a few things she wants to put in him. She pulls out an eggplant and zucchini and lubes up his asshole.

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Carmen Rivera – Bad Ass Cop

Three corrupt cops are getting away with their vehicle with a bag full of hush-money. While being on their way, the two officers uncover one of them as one of their associates. The bag itself isnt filled with money but with a lot of dicks in inhuman sizes! The bastard is getting overpowered and has to endure a questioning with hardest sek-rules. Fists are flying… directly inside his asshole! Mega dicks are finding their way into his bowels!

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