CBT Squirt Party – LE

Mistress Lydia warms the big submissive up with some nipple torment and then is joined by Mistress Natalie and Mistress Nicole. His cock is stepped on and then his balls are tied tight. A tasty 25 minute three Mistress Festival of Pain and humiliation for the big bound submissive. Mistress Lydia leads off and is joined by Mistress Nicole and Mistress Natalie for cock and ball torment.

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Graduation – LE

Mistress Kendra entered from outside wearing a black raincoat. The long lean, red haired vixen immediately realized lazy slut marco had not finished his tasks. She removed Her coat and bound his hands behind him. He had a cock strapped to his face all day and Mistress Kendra promised him he would be using it to please Her but first he had to take CBT to punish him for not…

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Cum Underfoot – LE

Mistress Samantha arrives a bit early for Her session and is surprised to find cucky in the closet. Mistress Amber had ordered him in the night before. A 48 minute film feast heavy on foot worship with two submissives squirting their loads under the foot of Mistress Samantha.

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Mistress Lia’s Bisex Domination

Mistress Lia demonstrates the art of using two males as sexual puppets. Their pain is her pleasure as she explores the limits of torment and humiliation one woman can inflict on two submissive men. Watch the glow in her face as her pussy is eaten while her submissive takes a cock up his ass. Interesting positions and great point of view shots make this a must see movie for the bi-sexual or bi-sexually curious submissive. » Read more

Hard To Torture – LE

Mistress Crimson has slave dipshit on his knees in front of Her where he belongs. She holds hi s leash and starts kicking his huge cock. She tells him what a worthless creature he is and makes him beg for CBT. Watch a high energy 31 minutes of cock-centered action with Mistress Crimson. She puts slave dipshit through his paces with foot worship, tease and denial, CBT (slapper and violet wand) and then finishes with a dick draining milking into a glass bowl. » Read more

Captive For Kiss – LE

The excited submissive lay bound under the chair with legs held wide in the spreader bar. Mistress Kiss fondled him and got his cock excited with Her mouth. His bound balls swelled as She mounted him and used him for Her sexual pleasure, teasing him with Her tight pussy hole. Mistress Kiss had Marco on his back under the toilet chair. She sized him up as She stood over him with the crop in hand. » Read more

Beat & Fed – LE

Mistress Kennedy invites Mistress Jasmine to join Her while big slave Michael lays under Her feet. Mistress Jasmine sits on his face and they notice his worm stiffens immediately. Enjoy 45 minutes of action packed Femdom fun with Mistresses Jasmine and Kennedy as they treat big submissive Michael to their pussies, asses and the lash before milking him out and feeding him. » Read more

Contractors In Pain – LE

They debased the man-pig and, after an excruciatingly painful hot-waxing of his cock tip, they cleaned it with a bristle brush and milked his raw cock into the cum plate… The Ladies from BPI (Brutal Pussy, Inc.) had been called in to deal with a cheating husband. After punching, kicking, kneeing him in the balls, they dragged him into the dungeon and tortured his cock, balls and nipples while smothering him. Spitting, slapping and hanging a bucket from his balls! » Read more

Cum Clean My Pussy – LE

Mistress Taylor turns up the volume as She strips off Her bra and ties up jack’s balls. She ropes them around his neck and removes Her pantyhose. Her dainty feet are stuffed into his mouth and he has clothespins applied to his cock and balls. She starts to deep face sit him as he lays helpless and humiliated in with his pantyhos. Mistress Taylor is in sensual mood and wearing coffee colored hose on top of an orange thong. Slave jack is securely fastened to the bench for some fun. » Read more

Hard Fed – LE

Mistress Lydia, in red vinyl bikini and black high heels gives you point of view body worship and masturbation instructions. Next, Mistress Lydia, now in boots, sox, dress and beret begins to humble slave woody who is before Her in the portable stock. 53 minutes of mayhem with Mistress Lydia as She thoroughly kicks slave woody’s ass (and cock, in socks!). Her lovely face all alight as She sucks his cock while shocking his bound balls with the violet wand is not to be missed! Great point of views and sharp picture as She takes the pins off, puts an O-ring gag in and the sultry Masturbatrix extracts his essence and spoon-feeds him. » Read more

Deep Discipline – LE

Commanding two submissives on Her own, She mixes oral servitude and body worship with intense and merciless control. Mistress Mandi, looking very much like Sharon Stone, with Her cock buried in his ass and his face in Mistress Brianna’s wet pussy. Slave eagle lay beneath Brianna watching jealously with his hands bound behind.

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Give Him More – LE

Mistress Lia orders him to clean the bottom of Her high heels as Mistress Autumn encourages him with the crop. He can’t seem to tongue well enough and has his balls beaten by Mistress Autumn. Take a spin for 80 minutes as Mistress Autumn debuts with Mistress Lia to put the big squeeze on cum slut Tosha. The Ladies have some new suspension tricks up their sleeves and some predicament bondage is just the tonic for their wet pussies and punishing hands. Lots of pussy worship, CBT, strap-on and tons of humiliation as these two vixens show no mercy to their willing victim. Mistress Lia and Mistress Autumn introduce themselves as Tosha lays at their feet. » Read more

Hosed, Hung & Milked – LE

She glances at his huge erection in his coffee colored hose. She hasn’t even touched his cock and it is enormous. That will all change as She plays with him using Her feet and hands. A 40 minute trip to pantyhose paradise as Mistress Ariana uses all Her skills to pressurize tall slave’s huge balls and then milks a gigantic release directly into his face and wide open mouth. » Read more

Humbled, Hurt & Milked – LE

He is used as a spittoon after nipple torment and CBT with the violet wand and then completely drained out onto Mistress Victoria’s black boots by Mistress Lia’s milking hand. Mistress Victoria and Mistress Lia are doing a bit of girl talk as they read Enslaved magazine… Savor 54 minutes of action as Mistress Victoria and Mistress Lia double team slave cucky. » Read more

Interrogation – LE

Mistress Isobel has david helpless on his back in chains and wants to know what he did with Her pictures. She informs him She will be getting the information out of him one way or another and casually has a smoke before picking up the tower of pain and attaching the device to his nipples… Join Mistress Isobel for 41 minutes as She imaginatively works to extract information on Her missing pictures from the helpless david. » Read more

Lesson For The Repairman – LE

Mistress Kelly’s lights don’t work and she is none too pleased. The lanky repairman shows up with excuses and she wastes no time in kicking him to the hallway floor and showing him who is boss… Intro – A repairman with an attitude problem is taught how to behave by Mistress Kelly. She kicks him to the ground, orders him to strip and begins a 43 minute exercise in degradation. » Read more

Look At Him Shake – LE

Mistress Noelle and Mistress Jaded introduce themselves and order you to your knees to clean the bottom of their shoes. They order submissive bull to crawl in and disrobe. His shirt is pulled over his head. Watch the incredible chemistry between Mistress Noelle and Mistress Jaded for 57 minutes as they put submissive bull through his paces. Intricate rope bondage, nipple torment, hot wax, CBT and lots of soft feminine verbal domination throughout the film. So much double domination is applied that strong submissive bull gets quite shaky, to their amusement, although his stiff and bound cock stays hard the entire scene. » Read more

Good Boy – LE

Enjoy 44 minutes of pantyhose centric play as Mistress Ingrid uses Her bound submissive. She makes his cock Her plaything using mousetraps, Her feet, hands, whip, violet wand and vibrator. Playful pantyhose fun with a gigantic cum extraction of the totally bound and helpless male toy.

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Big Drip – LE

The ultra sleek and evil Mistress Gia had footboy bound and spread in the CBT chair and circled him slowly, giving him an eyeful of Her crotchless pantyhose while whipping him periodically. She allowed him to smell Her wonderful odor before digging a heel deep into his bulging cock. She sensuously applied nipple clamps and then pulled. Watch 35 minutes of foot tingling action with Mistress Gia as She bewitches, bewilders, teases and humiliates footboy. » Read more

Beg For Her Cock – LE

Mistress Amber and Mistress Xena have slave quacky on his knees where they like him. He serves as their boot whore, licking and cleaning the shiny leather. After boot worship comes the time to be their cock whore. Like a good bitch, he sucks their cock hard and gags trying to please them. Mistress Xena loves making slave quacky suck her cock. Enter a world of PVC, leather and feminine control for 50 minutes as Mistress Amber and Mistress Xena subject their loyal servant to intense boot worship, strap-on, verbal humiliation and rope bondage. » Read more

Beneath Sabrina – LE

He is then obliged to do a sexy and humiliating dance for Her before taking off Her high heels with his teeth after some shoe worship. Mistress Sabrina uses the slapper for encouragement. Drop down for a 40 minute festival of feet, pussy and strap-on play as Mistress Sabrina torments footboy. A humiliated footboy, wearing pantyhose, is positioned beneath this tall red haired Dominatrix for foot fun, face sitting and anal attention. » Read more

Limits Of A Sissy – LE

Mistress Lydia has Kat helpless in a hogtie. He worships Her shoes and toes as She crops him. She stands and Her big black rubber cock swings as She steps over him. She sizes Her bound submissive up and sits down in front of him. Observe as Mistress Lydia spends 37 minutes using Her big dicked sissy slave and seeing just how much he/she can take.

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Maid To Order # 3 – LE

Mistress Jacklyn uses Her strap-on to finish the job as the other two Ladies make him lick their dildos clean. Mistress Mika has Her pussy wrapped around the face dildo strapped to little maid jack’s face as Mistress Jacklyn. A trio of Mistresses takes on our little maid jack in a 47 minute domination festival. Mistresses Kendra, Mika and Jacklyn surround the little maid in a sea of long, pantyhose clad legs as he licks up a plateful of their spit before worshipping their feet as they smoke cigarettes. He takes Mistress Kendra’s hand in his ass and then Mistress Mika fucks him with a huge dildo while Mistress Kendra finds and then jams another one in at the same time. » Read more

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