Mistress Tangent – Pumped Full Of Dick

The cruel & beautiful Mistress Tangent orders her slave to bend over the cage and spread his ass. Today is the day she reinforces her power with a brutal ass-fucking. She slides her 12 inch cock into his slut hole. Mistress glows as she pounds her bitch with her big, thick, hard-cock.

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Leprechaun Slaves Are Good For Something

Goddess Dahlia and Mistress Tangent ask their pathetic leprechaun slaves if they’re ready for their special St. Patrick’s day ball busting. When one of their slaves collapses after just a few kicks, Goddess Dahlia and Mistress Tangent decide that a special punishment is in order.

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Mistress Tangent x2 – Tangent Canes His Ass & Suffer From The Whip

Goddess Tangent is a dangerous woman, put a whip in her hand, and she is lethal. She beckons her slave over and lays the rules down. She repeatedly whips him, of course without mercy. This slave is overwhelmed with pain, you can hear it in his screams and his labored breathing.

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