Serious Images – Her Choice

This is a hot video featuring London’s popular and knowledgeable Mistress Miranda and her rubberized gimp. After cleaning Miranda’s spiked heel boots with his tongue, Miranda’s rubber gimp is zipped into a latex sleepsack, gas-mask hood, and then strapped down to a table.

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Elise Graves – Just Breathe Part 1

In this video Elise Graves shows her sadistic side as she torments her young helpless submissive. The highlight of the scene is the bizarre rubber breath hood which Elise uses on her bound subject. This eerie hood allows just enough air for him to survive but not enough air if he starts to breathe faster.

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Dont Be Greedy Part 1

Elise Graves takes her new submissive on a journey of heavy bondage, trust and extreme fetish. Her subject is first strapped into a heavy rubber straitjacket followed up with an usually large leather straitjacket. The combination of the two layers provides an overwhelming layered experience that many submissives only dream about!

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Asylum Diabolica – Paulette’s Arrival

There were many applicants and Amanda Wildefyre sorted through them and picked two. This video documents the arrival of one of the applicants ‘Paulette’ whose fantasy was to be feminized and kept in bondage for multiple days.

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Sexual Endurance Part 1

Tony is then moved to the next room where is chained naked on the bed, stretched wide and vulnerable in a spread-eagle position. E-stim is connected to his cock and butt plug, and a face-sitting dildo gag is inserted into his mouth. This guy is totally screwed. Let the fun begin!

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The Offering

Elise secures Tony’s hands and feet to an antique dentist chair, and his head is made immobile with pallet wrap wound around the headrest of the chair. Tony’s big cock becomes hard as he sinks into his helpless situation. He is completely under Elise’s control, which is exactly where he wants to be. As this scene progresses it is easy to see the sexual Ying and Yang energies flowing between these two.

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SI – Alice Rubbert Seven Point E-Stim

Alice Rubbert Seven Point E-Stim

Alice and Rubbert play with e-Stim as Rubbert is locked in a rubber hood by Cocoon, rubber catsuit and a very effective piece of metal bondage gear made by Maxcita. This is a very strange position as electricity flows through Rubbert’s cock and ass.

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SI – Alice Gives Bob A Proper Medical Exam

Alice Gives Bob A Proper Medical Exam

Alice brings her well equipped friend to the Serious Bondage Institute for a proper medical exam. This ia a very hot use of Medical restraints from Humane Restraints. He is also wearing a medical muzzle from Twisted Clinic.

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SI – Alice And Gumbi Pony Play And More 2

Alice And Gumbi Pony Play

The second part of this video displays the saddle with the extra attachments. We had a chance to visit a private dungeon, owned by a friend of serious bondage. We didn’t need bondage gear because there was plenty of some of the most unique gear we have found.

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SI – Blue Boy In A Cage

Blue Boy In A Cage

Blue boy in rubber has a few hours of quality time in a puppy cage. His predicament is enjoyed by his beautiful captor. She puts him in restraints – he is all frustrated, turned on, and wanting to be freed from his predicament.

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SI – Rubber Interrogation

Rubber Interrogation

In this video our friend Eden Alexander tries her hand at extracting secret information from her prisoner. The prisoner is in a skin-tight rubber catsuit and faceless hood, with a thick cock sheath, inflatable gag and butt plug. He’s restrained in a severe metal chair which holds his wrists and ankles and leaves his cock and butt exposed.

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