As soon as the domina is out of the house, the slaves do what they want. The strict mistress can not blieve her eyes when she walks into the studio. Right away she punishes the slaves. Hard spaninking on ass and titts and hot candle wax are just some of the punishments.

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Domme’s Limp Hubby

This aging freak is such a shame for his wife. She brings a super-sexy dominant bitch home, gets her naked in their kitchen – and that humble worm still can’t manage to get hard. Well, seems to be a good reason to tease, torture and humiliate him!

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Shameful Meat Club

The fact that this masked sub’s cock is growing harder and harder in front of his dommes’ eyes makes him feel so ashamed… Still, he can’t control it – not even when the bossy ladies come teasing him and beating his throbbing shlong with a crop whip!

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