Riley Jenner – Slut For The Strap

Miss Riley is a tall sexy blonde who enjoys humiliating inferior males… Riley puts bright whore-red lipstick on her sub then forces him to suck her giant cock. She ties him up with his legs spread wide eagle so he cannot get away from from taking the massive dildo!

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Raven Hart – Shockingly Cruel Smother

Mistress Raven has outfitted her slave with a remote controlled shock collar locked around his balls and decides to have some fun putting it to the test. She calls him in and it obviously works well by the hilarious way he writhes in pain every time she pushes the remote’s button.

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Ally Tate – Sissies Deserve Cuckolding

Am in charge which means I do whatever I want… You can warm my pussy up for my date, but just know that I will be out enjoying big cocks while you are at home dreaming of your bitch-goddess. Get on your knees and stare at my pierced clit and pretty pussy, now jerk your little sissy dick.

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