Beta Male Locked Into Chastity For The First Time Then Mercilessly Teased

Chloe and Sasha Foxxx lock a beta male loser into chastity for the first time. The chastity is very pink and feminine. This is to remind the loser it isn’t a man. The girls know that this beta male has a foot fetish. They know that if they make him worship their feet he will get an erection and the chastity will become increasingly changeling.

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Chastity Slave Licks Shoes And Worships Feet 2

The Princesses are very miffed that their chastity slave has tried to negotiate its release. They tease the chastity slave to teach it a lesson. The chastity slave is even more miserable now, as it’s device becomes tighter and tighter. The Princesses use their perfect feet to turn the slave’s foot fetish against him.

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