Stag Tree Prank – Carmel Anderson, Honour May, Tina Kay

Carmel Anderson, Honour May and Tina Kay are out for a walk in the woods when they are shocked to come across a naked man tied to a tree. He begs the girls to set him free but they like the look of his cock and decide to have some fun with him first.

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Carmen Rivera – Dildo Shopping Queens Pt 3

The shopping spree continues after a very extensive fuckability test. With the newly acquired latex globes the ladies can easily push through the extremely widened slave bowels. After this wicked shopping frenzy, delivery is even free of charge!

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Elena Koshka, Sabrina Paige – Lick and Obey

Elena Koshka and Sabrina Paige are sitting on top of their slave’s cage, wondering what to do. He is excited to be free but knows it will come at a price. The female lovers decide to make him worship every inch of their shiny PVC boots. He must shine them with his tongue and do it exactly the way they tell him that they want it done.

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Ivy Lebelle – Milking The Gimp

Sometimes even rubber gimps are given a reward for being such an obedient sex toy. Mistress Ivy’s gimp is locked up tight in his rubber prison never being allowed to see the light of day. She teases his caged cock making him extra horny before she removes it after 2 months of no freedom.

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Alina Lopez – Chastity Boy-Toy

Mistress Alina Lopez loves a man completely tied down and helpless especially with their dick locked tightly away. She firmly believes all men’s cocks should be locked in chastity permanently 24/7/365. Of course, this doesn’t mean a Mistress can’t still have her fun teasing and tormenting their caged up cocks making them beg to be free.

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Brooke Logan – Punishment For Cock

Mistress Brooke finds all men and their pathetic dicks quite disgusting to the point of wanting to punish them just for having one. Since her slaves are way too attached to their worthless penises she them all into extra tight chastity cages with no option of ever being set free.

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English Mansion – 24 Hours Of Regret Pt1

Lady Sophia Black’s slave is in the freezing cold garden, chained up to a tree in steel ball manacles, awaiting her sadistic desires. She wastes no time in breaking him down, spending time on his nipples before CBT and waxing. He is then left tied up by a metal butt plug in the Mansion grounds, until she is ready to continue his torment.

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Topless Caning With Anette

Lady Anette is caning her naked slave, wearing only panties. Her breasts are freely jiggling as she strokes his body with her cane. He doesn’t dare to look at his sexy mistress, he bows his head and with gritted teeth, bares the painful strokes of her cane.

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Chanel Preston – Slave’s Last Stand

Mistress Chanel Preston gives her slave one last taste of pleasure before taking all of his manhood away forever. Nothing is free in life and after she has had her fun he will become a manless, docile slave to serve his Mistress for all eternity.

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Straponcum – Slim Latex Babe

When there are no men to play around with, this slender vixen spends her time wearing her favorite latex outfit and a big, fat strapon. The black, sleek material covers this honey’s arms and legs while her small, succulent boobies are allowed to hang free.

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Tug O’War

Once Tony is completely secured, Elise and Mercy work him over as he lies helplessly on the floor. Tony loves every minute of his predicament and even though he yells and complains his erect cock tells us that all is well. This is a hot scene and we hope that Elise uses more of this wire rope in the future. I guess she had to cut the rope at the end of the scene to let Tony free – or maybe he was never let free?

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SI – Blue Boy In A Cage

Blue Boy In A Cage

Blue boy in rubber has a few hours of quality time in a puppy cage. His predicament is enjoyed by his beautiful captor. She puts him in restraints – he is all frustrated, turned on, and wanting to be freed from his predicament.

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