Human Toilet Instructions

Mistress Cameron Dee

Mistress Cameron is in love with the human toilets. She has trained Marcelo to be a human toilet and now she uses him whenever she can. In this clip Cameron explains to you how you will be used as human toilet and why this is all you are good for.

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Chloe Cherry – Cunt Trainer

The best way to get a man to follow every instruction to the T is by locking an electric shocking pet collar around his precious balls. Once locked on tight any man will obey your every command in total fear of that bright red button being pushed.

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Cruel Punishments – In Her Hands

Mistress Zita wants to decide everything when it comes to her slave. When he sleeps and when he eats. Today he must cum for her, the exact minute she tells him to. So he must follow Zita’s every instruction n hold himself back while she gives him a handjob.

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Lyra Law – Fuck Your Ass For Lyra

Mistress Lyra has a plan for you: to turn you into a strap-on whore, a pathetic bitch who can only cum with a Mistress’s cock in your ass. Now go find a dildo to shove up your ass and stroke your cock to Lyra’s instructions.

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Ultimate Edging Challenge

I have put together a 55 minute edging compilation challenge. Can you follow instructions and hold back long enough to make it through the entire challenge? This video is great for stamina training your cock for better orgasm cum control.

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Herrin Silvia – Fest Im Griff

Herrin Silvia - Fest Im Griff

House-slave Tom has to submit to the strict training methods of Mistress Silvia. She gets him out of the dungeon for his daily pony boy-training… Totally rubberized in latex cat-suit with hood he has to wait in the studio for her further instructions.

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