Miss Xi – He Can’t Say I Didn’t Give Him A Chance

Sexy Asian Princess Miss Xi is sitting on her slaves face while swinging her crop between his legs, sometimes making contact other times just scaring him senseless. She has already given this slave a serious ballbusting beatdown so he knows she can be super cruel.

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Amadahy And Mia – Ballbusting Workout With Squats And Kicks

Amadahy and Mia have started incorporating ballbusting piggy into their workouts. They start off with some squats, which lead straight into ball kicks. The pair alternate between stretching and kicking. Piggy’s dicklet keeps getting in the way, so they wrap it. This way they can make sure they are getting direct hits to the balls!

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Empress Cruel – Balls Brutal Tortured Part 2

She kick his tied up ball sack full and many times with her big high heel boots!!! No wonder that they look terrible bruised when she reviews them with delight, but it is not the reason for her to stop the beatings. It seems she want them damaged for good…

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