House Of Sinn Video Collection 1

Living My Femdom life I have developed a very distinctive attitude and approach to My personal likes and kinks. Even though I am still keen on always making new experiences and trying out new things I am very specific about My very own Ezada Sinn way of life and Femdom.

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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Sputtering Ruined Orgasm

Continued from Duct Tape Tease. His cock is so hard that every moment I tease it, the rope cuts into his erection even more. I’ve designed it so that his orgasm will be ruined by the strict bondage.. I doubt more than a few drops can even escape once I make him orgasm.

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CFNM – Jan Faust

With more sucking and then working two fingers into his ass the girl has a great time. But Jan is in for more, she dons a strapon and starts fucking his tight ass. She fucks him real good, working his hole just as she likes. Then she makes him stand and wank his massive dick to a big, creamy cumshot, before sending him away.

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