Edyn – Princess Licks Ice Cream Slave Licks Pussy

Edyn needs the slave to hurry up and do its job. She wont leave the house until she has been worshiped clean and Edyn refuses to allow a slave to make her late for her plans. Edyn puts her leg up on the dresser so that the slave can clean her ass.

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Goddess Blair’s Stroke Session

I have a great video 50 min stroke challenge for you. Follow along and watch during a play session. I have my pussy & ass worshipped, I stoke his cock then fuck his ass. I want you to focus on me the entire time. I will tell you just how I want it.

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Uses Cucks Face While Dominant Boyfriend Is Away

Jenny Jets gotten so hot thinking about her boyfriend. But he isnt here. Guess chastity cuck dannis stupid face will have to do. Jenny makes danni breathe into her pussy. She bounces and grinds her ass on dannis face. Jenny moans, thinking about her boyfriends big thick dick. Just the thought of him might make her cum.

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Austin Lynn – Balls Bound Pussy Licking

Mistress Austin has come up with a diabolical way to insure that her slave is truly devoted to providing her pleasure; she has him by the balls! With his balls tied off to a leg spreader, her slave had better make sure she orgasms, or he will suffer for his failure.

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Daniela – The Chastity Tube Makes It Ok To Lick Mommies Pussy Part 2

In part 2, Daniela has her song worship her pussy. First she checks her sons chastity tube. Daniela checks her sons chastity tube for tightness and to make sure there can be no erections. Satisfied that he cant get hard, she spreads her legs for her boy to lick her pussy. Daniela talks gently to her boy letting him know how happy she is that he can lick her pussy.

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Daniela – Trains Step Son To Lick Pussy

Daniela continues her training of her new step son. First Daniela binds his hands behind his back. Only his tongue will be allowed to touch her. The chastity tube makes it impossible for Danni to enjoy anything. Danni knows he has to please his step mother.

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Day In The Life Of A Human Toilet

Human Toilet

Jenna instructs the cuck to stay in the bathroom. Getting fucked by a huge cock makes Jenna have to piss. With the cuckold laying on the bathroom floor, Jenna sits on his face. She pisses into the cuckolds mouth and down his throat.

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Human Toilet Instructions

Mistress Cameron Dee

Mistress Cameron is in love with the human toilets. She has trained Marcelo to be a human toilet and now she uses him whenever she can. In this clip Cameron explains to you how you will be used as human toilet and why this is all you are good for.

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Marsha May – Marsha’s New Pets

Before he knows it, she has him naked and in a collar. He is so weak to do whatever he says. She is in total control now. Suddenly he finds himself underneath her soaking wet young pussy. He licks and pleasures her and loves the way she tastes. She owns him now. He is completely hers, unable to do anything but lick and pleasure his hot young student.

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Amazon Pussy Service

Mistress Blair

Mistress Blair has trained this slave to worship and service her pussy whenever and however she wants it. Blair towers over her slave as she has him start by licking and sucking her pussy; the contrast between the sexy Amazon getting pleasured and the tiny, chastised slave toiling away for her satisfaction is quite striking.

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