Amadahy And Edyn – Use Human Ashtray Spittoon

Amadahy and Edyn make small talk while Amadahy smokes a cigarette out of Her bedroom window. They position a slave with its head on the sill of the window to serve as their human astray and spittoon. Amadahy ashes Her cigarette into the slave’s mouth. Both She and Edyn spit into the slave’s mouth and on its face. Soon the slave’s face is covered in spit and ash.

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Cybill Troy – Electrocuted In Chastity

Bound with his cock and balls clamped tightly in steel stocks and a heavy chastity device, my chastity slave has also been fitted with electrodes and an electric clamp beneath the cock cage. I slowly turn up the power, shocking his desperate, deprived cock with a steady electric pulse that leaves him in excruciating pain as well as desperate to get hard.

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Lexi Sindel – Extensive Slave Training

Next the slave is made to endure the coin test. Lexi places a coin on the wall and the slave is ordered to keep it up with his nose; if he drops it, he is beaten again. While the slave is holding the coin up Lexi lights up a cigarette and begins to blow smoke in his face, setting him up to fail. As soon as the coin hits the ground she is ready with her leather strap to whip his ass.

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Stretching His Boyhole

Mistress Anna takes her slave out of his cage and makes him submit to her big blue cock. Anna mercilessly stretches out his hole; as a true size queen, she wants her slaves to be able to take the biggest cocks possible. Anna enjoys a cigarette as she fucks her bitch, blowing smoke in his face as she thrusts into him; after all, this is all about her pleasure!

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Mistress Jessica – Lady Ashtray

Mistress Jessica - Lady Ashtray
Release Year: 2016

Mistress Jessica has been starving her slave bitches, so she decides to feed them – with her ashes. After making both of her bitches eat her ashes for a while, she just laughs at how thoroughly she has humiliated and degraded her bitches.

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Mistress Eleise De Lacy – Racked For Mercy

Release Year: 2016

Mistress Ariel’s ass crushes the bound slave’s face as the other slave is sucking his cock hard with Her feet wrapped around his head. He gets hard enough to fuck the one on his back for a short time and then wilts. She swaps them and face sits again and has Her pussy worshipped while the one that took it up the ass sucks cock and licks his balls at Her command. Her gorgeous feet reach out and a load of cum splatter on Her red painted toes. She orders the slave on his knees to suck the cum off. » Read more

Face Fucked Cum Licker – LE

He is then flipped to his back and smothered while the other Mistress holds his legs in the air and finishes fucking him and making him her bitch smoking, nipple torture, cock and ball torture in the rack and much much more. Mistress Mandi and Mistress Amber shine in this 76 minute excursion into servitude! The features are great point of view angles and a slave that is truly used and thoroughly enjoyed by two high energy Mistresses. » Read more

Berlin In Working For Pussy

Berlin is going to play with her favorite male slave. She has already thought up some twisted games. She binds her bitchboy to the examination chair with ties and applies electrostim pads to his flesh. After a little electro-induced uncontrollable twitching, chad is placed in a doggy position, firmly tied.

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Black Amazon Goddess Kiana

Release Year: 2011
Studio: FemDomFilms
Cast: Mistress Kiana, Slave Andrew, Slave Danny, Slave Bobby
Video language: English

Gorgeous Black Amazon Goddess Mistress Kiana humiliates her slaves by making them sniff her pussy, worship her breasts and eat her spit and cigarette ash, while caning them, teasing them and fucking them with her strap-on. She subjects her slaves to imprisonment, CBT, bondage and more! » Read more