Cruelly Caned By Crystal Rush

Mistress Crystal Rush orders her slave to beg for pain while she rubs her latex glove over her pussy, then allows her slave to taste her excitement off the glove. Now that he is totally turned on, Crystal tears into his ass, caning him again and again until his ass has been totally defeated by her cane!

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One Nightstand With A Castratrix

A cocky muscular stud picks up what he thinks is another one night stand of fucking and sucking. Unknown to him, the girl, Lexi, is a merciless and experienced castratrix who intends to cum tonight when she takes her 21st set of balls – his!

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Nika Noire And Rico – Big Mouth

Nika flies into a fit of rage and really lets her bitch have it. Seeing the pain she inflicts on her slave gives her great satisfaction. rico is placed in severe bondage that pulls him up onto his toes, Nika shocks him repeatedly with her cattle prod, and shows rico how hard she can really use the whip!

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