Sub’s Cock Is A Toy

What a filthy little thing we’ve got dangling between this fucker’s legs. Does he really think that his gorgeous dommes are going to beat it? They only touch it to tease him – and to make the humiliation that is to follow the rough handjob hurt more!

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Diana Von Bathory – The Blood Countess

Diana Von Bathory

So tell me, would you like to trade places with this gimp – fighting with mighty chains in a dark, sealed torso in an identically grim, locked basement and choking for breath with a gunny sack bound stiffly over his head?

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Miss Kelly & Miss Jessica Wood – Testing New Canes

The Mistresses are not really happy with the canes as they tend to be too wide and too stiff to cut the slaves skin. What the canes can´t do, the Mistresses must do themselves and just hit even harder. A clip with classic British discipline with two classy British Mistresses.

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Training With Three Ladies

Lady Natalie Black and her two friends are using a slave in Berlin. Lady Natalie is presenting her new slave to both ladies. They put him in clingfilm, do facesitting, nippleplay with clamps, electro sounds in the cock and at the end they milk his cock. Lady Natalie Black together with the famous German mistress Carmen Riviera.

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Alexa And Sasha – Bound Slave Takes Hard Ball Punching

What kind of torment will this slave have to accept to receive release from Alexa and Sasha? Full orgasms are not earned easily. Only when Alexa and Sasha are satisfied by their slave’s suffering will they allow it full release.

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Tina Kay – Chastity Blue Balls Milking

Mistress Tina Kay has removed her slave’s chastity device but she has not yet allowed him to cum. She has bound his blue balls with rubber bands, keeping them tight and putting constant pressure on all that built up cum inside; the slightest touch will feel like torture to these poor balls.

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