Asslicking In Brazil – Facesitting Gang Attack

Jack got home and start to arguing with Jaqueline, he is stronger than Jaque so he had no problems to dominate her slapping her face and holding by her hair, but he doesn’t know Jaque is waitting a friend, Jessica arrived and saw Jack humiliating Jaque and decided to help her friend. But again Jack can dominate both, using his hands to smother both girls, but Jessica can get out and call to some friends that quickly come to help the girls. Now Jack will suffer, the girls dominated Jack and imobilized his body, now they will spit on his face, bite and suffocates him with hard facesitting. Cast: Grazy Domme, Babi Ventura, Tay, Penélope, Larissa Leite, Jessica, Jaqueline, Jack.

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