Amadahy And Edyn – Use Human Ashtray Spittoon

Amadahy and Edyn make small talk while Amadahy smokes a cigarette out of Her bedroom window. They position a slave with its head on the sill of the window to serve as their human ashtray and spittoon. Amadahy ashes Her cigarette into the slave’s mouth. Both She and Edyn spit into the slave’s mouth and on its face. Soon the slave’s face is covered in spit and ash. The girls completely ignore him as they flirt with real men outside the window and discuss the weather, cars, and travel plans. Amadahy chain smokes two cigarettes and puts them both out on the slave’s tongue. Graciously, She tells the slave She will help it wash the cigarette butts down with Her golden shower. Amadahy and Edyn position the slave on the floor in the toilet slave position. Both girls use the human toilet. Edyn farts right in the slave’s face when she goes.

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