Amber – Old Beta Humiliated Over Lifetime Of Failure

I’m sitting on top of dink and I start asking him about his “dating history”. He claims to have asked these girls out IN PUBLIC… IN FRONT OF PEOPLE! I don’t care if this was TWENTY YEARS AGO, dink needs to pay for what he did to these poor girls. I begin to yell at dink, getting in his face and slapping the shit out of him. I demand he apologize to each girl as I slap him repeatedly across the face. A beta male should NEVER approach a hot girl and ask her out as if they have a chance. AND IN FRONT OF PEOPLE??? That is UNFORGIVABLE! It’s not fair to these girls that they had to endure dinks false confidence. Not only do I humiliate dink, I stand on top of him and stomp down as hard as I can.

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