Asslicking In Brazil – Missing Panties

9 friends live together, and 8 of them are in the living room planning the next party they will give. Suddenly, Saori comes down the stairs very angry, saying that she just can’t find her panties! One by one, the girls say that their panties are missing too, and they all suspect that their employee is stealing them! They make a trap and catch Jack in the act, stealing the last remaining panties! Oh, they won’t let him escape without being punished. All together, the girls take Jack into the bedroom and mistreat him in every possible way: bites, stifling with armpits, spits, slaps, facesitting. Cast: Chris Castelary, Byanca Tavares, Milla, Tay, Morena Rosa, Babi Ventura, Manu Fox, Lilith, Jack, Saori Kido.

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