Carmen Rivera is famous german dominatrix who produces femdom videos since 1999 and is well known for her brutal strap-on movies. She also specializes in latex and rubber fetish, foot worship, cbt and tickle torture. Enjoy free movies from Baronessa di Rivera!

Carmen Rivera – Gnadenlos Durch Den Darm

Instead of “Breathless through the night” it’s “Merciless through the Bowel” with lady Mac Laine and Baronessa Carmen Di Rivera. The Slave feels the tone of this tune with all the copious Rigor: Monstrous Dildos, whole fists and even Feet disappear into the enlarged Anal-Grotto. Everything holds Water with this Dominatrix Team in whatever they touch at the Dungeon. Finally, the Ladies administer a sparkling GS for the pervent Ass-Fuck. Just enough cooling Liquids to refine it with the following SPERM-Cocktail. Cheers Slave – ready for the next round?

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Carmen Rivera – Let’S Fuck!

One anal whore and two huge cocks. What doesn’t is made to fit. Deeper and harder Lady Kate and the Baronessa Carmen Di Rivera are penetrating his hot asshole. Feet and fists are fucking his interior. Glasses of finest champagne get raised. Meanwhile our fucking-machine is perforating his hole so that even the biggest cocks will fit in. Bound and helpless he is totally unable to get away from these Ladies and so he gets fucked until his rose is glowing… Just brilliant…

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Kinky Carmen – Abstrafung Brutal!

Carmen’s companion, Miss Kelly, preps their slave’s ass for what’s to come. She has his legs tied high in the air so he can’t lower as she works. She shoves plenty of lube in his hole, slowly slipping her entire fist deep inside. When Carmen arrives, the real fun can begin.

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Carmen Rivera – Helsinki Angels

Carmen Rivera - Helsinki Angels - DVD

Baronessa Carmen Di Rivera is a guest at a sex shop in Finland. Her hostess, Mistress Puma Moore, has many surprises in store for her! First, Mistress Puma brings her submissive male slave out for Baronessa Carmen. The slave is made to worship the Mistresses, crawl on all fours like a pooch, and is subjected to anal play, whipping and humiliation. After the final cum-eating, the slave is getting replaced by a slave-girl. Her always horny whole is going to get to know the hughe cocks of the Mistresses. At the end follows a hard ride on the slave’s cock and the final sprinkle is getting swallowed by her right before the two ladies drive away with their dogsledge. What a hot day in cold Finland!

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Carmen Rivera – Absolut Femdom

Three Ladies (Natalie Black, Lady Hundchen, Carmen Rivera), three slave asses – and a lot of fun! The Mistresses are enjoying the humiliation of their grunts. Hugh plugs are finding their ways into sore asses. After one of the slaves got his cock and balls stretched he gets his ass plugged with it. His own cock inside his asshole… that’s something you will only experience with Baronessa di Rivera… the ass of the second slave gets a double broadside. Like a raw piece of meat his ass gets spanked so that it gets really red just before his urethra gets tormented with electro shocks. Mummified and torn between pain and lust he finally offers his sperm… absolute Lady Power!

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Carmen Rivera – Bunga Bunga

His struggle to get out leads to a devastating outcome for the slave. The renegade is getting overpowered by his three Mistresses and is put under a strict interrogation. Licking a lolly out of Lady Sahara´s ass and the pussy of the Baronessa are just the comfortable part. Severe humiliation, bondage and a painful ass inspection with a sperm-feeding is what makes the three Ladies laugh. A japanese hanging bondage is helping the slave to stand straight up! A very special party at which a lot of champagne flows straight out of its well. Let’s have fun, let’s have femdom Bunga Bunga!

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Carmen Rivera – Fuckin’ Berlin

Carmen Rivera - Fuckin' Berlin DVD

Baronessa Carmen di Rivera and her friends are looking for some fun in one of Berlin´s Bar: An imprisoned slave gets his ass stuffed with the curious hands of the three Ladies. With an XXL-Strap-On they are fucking away what is left of his mind. The anal-cunt of the waiter also seems to be what they are looking for, so that the evening end with a synchronized fuck-orgy. Bound by the hands of Lady Coco with a hanging-bondage, the slave experiences a final climax in addition with a cocktail of his own sperm. Turned on by what is happening, Mistress Puma is having fun with herself. Excessive sexploitation in fucking Berlin.

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Carmen Rivera – Ass Hole

During my wellness day at the gym I am getting disturbed by my ringing mobile phone: A huge asshole is waiting to get fucked and fisted by me. I am lighting a cigarette with pleasure and start to penetrate the whole of my client with my foot. After that , my strapon-startet is getting pushed deeper and deeper into his dark corridor just to have both of my fists inside of him afterwards. Bound over the rack I am taking his hungry ass to fuck it with my giant cock straight through the living-room, the kitchen and the bathroom!

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Carmen Rivera – Bad Ass Cop

Three corrupt cops are getting away with their vehicle with a bag full of hush-money. While being on their way, the two officers uncover one of them as one of their associates. The bag itself isnt filled with money but with a lot of dicks in inhuman sizes! The bastard is getting overpowered and has to endure a questioning with hardest sek-rules. Fists are flying… directly inside his asshole! Mega dicks are finding their way into his bowels!

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Cuba Revolution – All You Can Fuck!

Cuba Revolution - All You Can Fuck!

Slave Rory from distant Cuba has been dreaming for a long time of being taken severely by Carmen Rivera. His intimate fantasy finally gets realized but its a hard reality: She mercilessly rams her giant dildo into his ass. Again and again she is penetrating his intestines driven by cuban salsa- rhythms in her loins. A noble Cohiba and a glas of Havanna Club do inspire her to even deeper drillings.

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Carmen Rivera – Bizarre By Nature Vol.6

Carmen Rivera - Bizarre By Nature Vol.6

She is tough and consequent has beautiful big boobs and a verbal eroticism so that nobody would ever disobey: CARMEN RIVERA. A busty and full blooded dominatrix in leather and lace that everybody dreams of. Even if you are not into SM you would let her take control over you voluntarily.

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Carmen Rivera – Bizarre By Nature Vol.7

Carmen Rivera - Bizarre By Nature Vol.7

Even if you are not into SM you would let her take control over you voluntarily… Everybody who has ever seen her in action knows what we are talking about. The trailer delivers insight about what you may expect from that series. So make sure to watch the screenshots so that you know what this one is all about! Including Scenes: Plastic Panic – A Fat Problem – Maneater (previously unreleased dildo scenes).

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Carmen Rivera – Bizarre By Nature Vol.8

Carmen Rivera - Bizarre By Nature Vol.8

It is incredible hot and Baroness Bijou and I are going out for a ride with our ponies. Our sweating and gasping ponies are close to collapse as we urge them to a dashing duel. My little horse seems to be the better one and because of that, he gets an anal treatment later in the club. After that, we are having some fun taking the breath of the loser pony. At the end we have some heavy stuff for him. He gets pushed into a vacuum suit so that we can make him look like a real Michelin-Man… Starring: Carmen Rivera, Baroness Bijou.

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Carmen Rivera – Bizarre By Nature Vol.9

Carmen Rivera - Bizarre By Nature Vol.9

LatexTorture: The butler undergoes a true nightmare – Bondage, CBT and defloration of his slut hole are just the beginning. He has to experience the worst and panics followed by severe flogging and an electric shock on his useless balls as well as a urethra torture. The godlike butt of the Baronessa averts any annoying screams of the victim. Baronessa di Rivera and Miss Emelie Bentley know no bounds here!

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Carmen Rivera – Bizarre By Nature Vol.10

Carmen Rivera - Bizarre By Nature Vol.10

Baronessa di Rivera and Miss Emelie Bentley suddenly have a big slave-fish on their fishing-rod while they were enjoying the day at their personal lake. As a welcome gift he gets a severe kick into his bowel. The reptiles dick is being used as a target so that he has to endure really heavy pain. Both of the Mistresses are proving that even fishes can be afraid to. After that they are enjoying a nice water fight after which the loser gets tarred and feathered. A merciless lashing of a peeping-tom makes this bizarre day perfect!

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Carmen Rivera – Bizarre By Nature Vol.11

Carmen Rivera - Bizarre By Nature Vol.11

The Anal Birth: My husband slave bores me with his pregnancy disorders. Because of his early contractions, he gets my help for his anal home birth. I have to notice that the brat is not even from me. Because of that, I am taking the ass I was not able to use for nine month really hard for my pleasure. I am using my monster cock on for his unfaithful rose. After that, he gets fucked with my XXL-Strap-On outside in the nature. Anal extreme!! Cock and Ball Torture: Hard, harder, Carmen Rivera! This film is really nothing for wimps! The Baroness is taking her test subjects without any mercy! Regardless of the consequences she is torturing the private parts of her slaves. “Russian Shave” as well as intensive golden showers are shown in perfection. A series of face slaps and severe blows with the cane are helping her victim to forget about pain in his genitals.

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Carmen Rivera – Bizarre By Nature Vol.12

Carmen Rivera - Bizarre By Nature Vol.12

Sperm Pigs: Whenever Baronessa di Rivera and Miss Emelie are having a tour through the forest of Brandenburg, they are making sure that their divine feet won’t get worn out: Three slaves are having the honor of being used to drive the handcar with their Mistresses inside. Thease ungrateful creatures are using a break to escape, but just to find themselves bound to the trees just a few minutes later. They now deserve a severe whipping that is giving them bruises all over their asses. They get literally used as pigs… Starring: Carmen Rivera and Miss Emelie.

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Carmen Rivera – Bizarre By Nature Vol.13

Carmen Rivera – Bizarre By Nature Vol.13

On this DVD I pursue one goal: I would like to come together with you with Fireworks of desire! Get ready to spurt…! Watch as I put football globes into my lust cavern and make myself hornier and hornier with my favorite dildos before our climax follows. Simply orgiastic! Cock Torture Extreme: Come and watch the luscious mistress Carmen Rivera as she sets her slaves cock up on the Cock Machine to get smashed, poked and squeezed to its limits! You will see this poor mans balls turn purple as he gets smothered with Carmen’s sweet juicy ass. This guy is one lucky slave.

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Carmen Rivera – Bizarre By Nature Vol.14

Carmen Rivera - Bizarre By Nature Vol.14

Analfuck XXL: Baronessa di Rivera is visiting Geneva to seek revenge on a deceptive banker. What she wants?… fucking him the way he has fucked countless investors. Two fists, two feet: She is going to use all of her extremities to rip this corrupt ass apart. Her monster size Strap-ons are getting pushed deeper and deeper into his most intimate banking confidentiality. At the end of her mission she orders him to commit by hanging himself… Baronessa di Rivera… seeing him is too much for her.

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Carmen Rivera – Bizarre By Nature Vol.15

Carmen Rivera - Bizarre By Nature Vol.15

Absolute Breath Control: Smoking a cigarette in a cafee in Amsterdam makes Baronessa di Rivera think about something special.. Together with her friend she is spending some time using their attendant to torment him. The two Ladies are torturing his balls on the rack while he gets suffocated by their beautiful ass. After that the real fun on the cross begins. A very cruel and mercyless lashing and some wax-games together with a very strict breath-control are what he deserves. For the great final the Ladies are having the “Flying Dutchman” in a bizarre way: A hanging-bondage: While both Mistresses are taking a relaxing bath with some champagne directly under him, the mumified slave is looking forward to his very unknown future…

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Carmen Rivera – Bizarre By Nature Vol.16

Carmen Rivera - Bizarre By Nature Vol.16

Stagnancy is a step backwards. That is the motto Baronessa di Rivera and Miss Emelie are using their well trained extreme-anal-slave. The feet of both mistresses are getting pushed simultaneously deep inside his bowels. An extreme enema with their golden shower is cooling his butthole a little bit afterwards right before an enormous XXL-Strap-On for the Guinessbook of Records is getting used inside his hungry slave bowel. After this anal drilling with a diameter of 8cm it is very easy for him to stroke his hard cock and to cum while both Mistresses are having a good time!

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Carmen Rivera – Bizarre By Nature Vol.17

Carmen Rivera - Bizarre By Nature Vol.17

Ruber Pee: As Rubber Pippi, completely dressed in Rubber, I pour ample amounts for both of my toilet slaves. My noble “salty sparkling wine” flows litre after litre into their throats. Then I put on my rubber gloves for the juice extraction duel. While the first to come may relax, the loser experiences the hardest Facesitting session of his entire life – with a spurting end… Ponyboy Training: Baronessa di Rivera catches her corpulent lackey lazing about in her office. His punishment is merciless. His fat arse is quickly and completely coloured by her harsh blows, while the Baronessa rides him round and round the office premises. During these proceedings, She crushes an orange, whose remnants he is allowed to eat from the Baronessa’s riding boots. And finally, the forced ejaculation!

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Carmen Rivera – Bizarre By Nature Vol.19

Carmen Rivera - Bizarre By Nature Vol.19

The champagne thief has forgotten whose champagne he is stealing! He is getting overpowered from behind and has to give her an orgasm with the gag-dildo in his mouth. But that is just the start: The little thief gets a sever ass fucking by Baronessa Di Rivera and her friend. He is ordered to do chores for them and gets far more than just a simple golden shower. It seems like he is in the pee of his Mistresses.

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