Controlling My Slave’s Orgasm By Edging

Today I’m going to train my slave to control his orgasm. He’ll only be allowed to cum when I give him permission, and not a second sooner! With his arms and legs secured so he can’t move, I lube up his cock and gently begin stroking him, occasionally slapping his balls to confuse his senses.

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Ruining Another Slave’s Orgasm

Ruining Another Slave's Orgasm

Looking as gorgeous as ever in my sexy red latex gloves and matching thigh-high boots, I greet a slave as he stands naked before me, arms secured above his head, and begin teasing him by playing with his cock and balls.

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Extreme Orgasm Tease And Deny With Fetish Liza

With my good friend Fetish Liza by my side we secure a slave’s arms behind his back in an effort to cure his chronic masturbation problem. Yes, it appears he’s been unable to stop touching himself so it`s time we dish out his punishment and attempt to rectify his insubordinate behavior.

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