Sado Ladies is offering great amount of genuine femdom movies never seen before. In their videos you will see dozen of sexy, experienced and strict mistresses ruling over their pathetic male slaves. The most important femdom niches at Sado Ladies are Whipping, Caning, Faceslaps, Trampling, Smoking, Human Ashtray, High Heels and Boot Worship. There is plenty of femdom fetishes available beside this, but those are most important categories. The whipping and corporal punishment scenes are real and very hard!

Sado Ladies – My Whip Will Make You Singing

“Do you want to dance for me?”, Mistress Ezada asks the slave who is chained to the ceiling with his hands. She has a single tail whip in her hand. Ezada explains to the slave that he will do everything for her and now she wants to make him dance in pain. Pain from her whip. And then she starts without a warning. Ezada whips him all over his body and she really gets aroused by his screams. Very soon he jumps in pain, tries to hide his back, what looks like a nice pain dance.

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Sado Ladies – Boudoir Whipping

This clip is a look behind the scenes into The Hunteress’ private rooms. She is preparing herself, already wearing that kind of vintage lingerie combined with seamed stockings and expensive high heels. She is a sadist and so it’s not a surprise that there is a naked slave in the corner of the boudoir. When she is in the mood to make him suffer, he will be there. Like now, as she enters the room whith a nice whip in her leather gloved hand. Nobody will ever know what really happens in her boudoir but everybody in the house will hear the sound of the whip.

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Sado Ladies – Stupid Husband Part 6

The stupid husband doesn’t anticipate what awaits him when he leaves his wife with an excuse in the evening. Because he don’t go to his office like he told his wife, he has an appointment – an appointment with Madame Catarina. Alone with his young wife the man is still bound to the bench. Miss Leni enjoys the situation and uses different canes and whips to punish her husband for all the lies. More and more a sadistic desire grows up inside her and her strokes become harder an harder.

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