Macy Cartel – Enjoys Face Ride With Restrained Boy

Macy Cartel has a beta boy strapped into the smother box. She will make him suffer with her ass. Macy can completely control the beta’s breath. She has her selfie stick set up so that she can record the slave’s torment. Macy sits on the slave’s face for a long time while she takes her pictures. She does not like how squirmy and whiny her chair is. Betas are so stupid! Why is he putting up such a fuss? The beta loves Macy’s ass, but it also likes breathing. Macy teases him and laughs while smothering him. The slave fades. Macy slaps him to wake him back up. His suffering is so hot to Macy! She needs an orgasm. Macy uses her barely conscious smother slave’s face to get herself off.

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