CFNMEurope – Niklas Serdberg – Analthomy

Niklas Serdberg is the star of our CFNM Analthomy. He has gone to the medical centre with a bad throat, and they have put him in a medical gown. The nurse makes him lay down on a bed and then she begins to examine him. She then gives Niklas a drink, which seems to have some effect on him as he is soon very drowsy. But this is a trick played by the nurse who soon has Niklas chained to the bed, naked. She whips his naked body, and abuses his cock and balls. Sucking on the cock too, it soon gets very hard. After sucking and biting on that big cock the nurse turns her attentions to Niklas’ ass. She raises his legs and exposes his hot ass, which she is soon rimming and then fingering. She clearly loves his sexy hole as she unchains him and gets him bent over, so she can fuck him with a big rubber strapon. As she fucks that ass the nurse spanks it too and pulls on Niklas’ nipples.

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