Chloe And Sasha – Danni Bent Over And Fucked For Not Following The Rules

Danni is getting punished because he smiled at Chloe. He should know to never do that. Chloe makes Danni look at her feet while he’s getting fucked. Her feet are the only part of her body that Danni is allowed to touch. Chloe makes Danni suck on her toes. Sasha Foxxx pegs Danni while he worships the pretty intern’s feet. The women in Danni’s office keep him in chastity. They cannot let a male like him roam around unlocked. Danni has to learn that he does not have the same rights and privileges as other males. That’s because he’s inadequate and not a real man. Danni must please Chloe with foot worship, one of the only ways he can please a woman. If he doesn’t do it right, Sasha will get a bigger strap-on and split his ass wide open!

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