ClubDom – Pleasing Mistress Crystal Rush

Mistress Crystal Rush is tired of her slave’s mouth and tongue. She asks her bitch if he wants to please her. Of course, he says, “yes, Mistress!” She then tells him to open his mouth and takes the dildo gag from behind her back and shoves it in his mouth. Mistress Crystal spreads her legs and demands that her bitch fuck her pussy with the chindo. At first the slave isn’t working hard enough, so Mistress Crystal yells at her bitch to fuck her harder, faster and more intensely. Once her bitch begins using the proper motion with his head and neck, Mistress Crystal begins to moan and scream in pleasure. Keywords: Female Domination, Free Femdom, ClubDom, Fem Dom, Boots, High Heels, Pussy Tease, Teasing, Chindo, Crystal Rush, Mistress Crystal.

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