Cybill Troy – Sodomized Rubber Fuck-Toy

Cybill Troy has dreamed up an evil torment of frustration, torment and humiliation for her squirming black bagged gimp. He is ordered to get his cock super hard, so that the two Mistresses can play with it. What should be every man or gimps dream, is however, about to become this gimps nightmare. Cybill Troy explains that as the order to provide a hard cock is evidently impossible for the gimp to achieve, she and Queen Scarlet will provide the hard cocks from this point onwards. Cybill Troy opens her gimp up with her hands and verbally torments him before folding him over and plowing her strap on into the gimps butt. As she repeatedly rams her big red cock into the gimp, Queen Scarlet muffles most of the cries of gimp-pain that are made. After satisfying her need for destroying her gimps ass, Miss Troy relaxes with a smoke while Queen Scarlet takes over the lesson of what hard cock really means.

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