Elise Graves – Dental Restraint

This is a cool video featuring Elise Graves and her bizarre rubber friend ‘K-pa’ on Fetlife. Before this dental session starts, Elise uses pallet wrap to secure K-pa’s arms and legs to the chair. K-pa has a strange rubber gag filling his mouth which includes false teeth, lips and tongue, which we can see from the outside. He’s also wearing a metal chastity cage from Steelwerks Extreme. Elise Graves replaces K-pa’s rubber gag with a spreader that allows her to put her fingers into his mouth. We can hear K-pa moaning, in a good way, so we know that he’s enjoying Elise’s touch. She tests his cock-sucking abilities by sticking her fingers down his throat to test his gag reflex, and he passes with flying colors. Next, Elise tests his nipple sensitivities with a pair of vacuum suckers, and then graduates to a pair of nipple clamps.

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