Elise Graves – Good Little Gimp

Okay all you rubber people, listen up! This is a hot video featuring the popular Elise Graves and her submissive Kino Payne (Fetlife). It’s not often you see a video like this, and it just shows you how much Elise is into rubber and dominating men. In this video, Elise starts by inserting an e-stim butt-plug into Kino, then stuffs him into an inflatable gimp suit. Elise ramps up the e-stim juice on Kino’s cock and ass. We can tell by Kink’s moans that he’s in total heaven. Then, without warning, Elise straddles his rubber hooded face, seating her naked pussy on the hood’s air intake! Needless to say, this takes the scene over the top. Elise finds pleasure in making men suffer, and when she gets Kino is a vulnerable position like this, there’s no telling what she’ll do.

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