Ezada Sinn – Guess The Whipstress Game

A good whipping slave should be able to tell who he is being whipped by without seeing, so today We will play a little game and test how well he can differentiate My style of whipping from Lady Yna’s and Mistress Clarrisa’s. Blindfolded, he will receive three single tail whip lashes from one of Us and them must correctly identify which Lady has just whipped him and thank Her. If he guesses right – a new round will start, if he gets it wrong – he will be whipped continuously until he gets it right. So let’s see how good a whipping slave he is and how his back will look in the end, as no matter how he fares – he will be whipped anyway. Cast: Mistress Ezada Sinn, Mistress Clarrisa, Lady Yna.

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