Fucked On The Edge Of Orgasm

Sharron Small is wearing pantyhose and thigh high stiletto boots. She has Lance Hart shackled to a brick wall while she drips lube onto his throbbing hard cock. “Don’t get too excited, you won’t be cumming…” Sharron wants to keep him hard as a rock while she abuses his blue balls. She gently strokes his cock and whispers to him seductively while squeezing, kneeing and kicking his sore balls. Every time he gets close to an orgasm, she squeezes extra hard. Everytime he drips pre-cum (which she is an EXPERT at making happen) she makes him lick it off her latex gloved fingers. She truly keeps his lust peaking while she brutalizes his manhood, then struts away while his cock throbs on the edge of an orgasm. Later on, Sharron Small still has Lance shackled to the brick wall. She is wearing a large strap-on and has pink panties in her hands, which she quickly uses to gag Lance. Sharron slides her long strap-on cock inside Lance and he whimpers. She fucks him slow and sensual at first, then pounds his ass hard.

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