Goddess Nina Elle & Princess Chanel – No Breaks For Shine Boy

Shine boy is a slave that mans the shoe shine station at Mean Girl Manor. He is on call 24/7 to provide shoe shine service so any girl at any time can get her shoes cleaned. Goddess Nina and Princess Chanel sit down to have their thigh high black boots cleaned. The idiot slave has one of those shoe shine kits with brushes and polish but he won’t be using it. I guess he didn’t realize that at Mean Girl Manor boots are always cleaned with slave tongues. Princess Chanel orders the slave to start polishing her boots with his tongue. She wants them so clean she can see her reflection in them. The slave has been at his station so long that the mean girls forget to feed him. The slave is lucky because Goddess Nina accidently stepped on a piece of pizza and a bit of it stuck to the bottom of her boot.

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