Inflatable Leather Rest Sack Tease and Denial

First getting into a green inflatable rubber rest sack and a leather rest sack after that, many belts are tightly fastened around him. The feeling of pressure against his body is as strong as it’s ever been! Now that he’s all wrapped up, Hinako takes off her rubber socks, revealing her sweat-soaked feet and precedes to make him lick them both! But it doesn’t end there, as she takes the sock, shoves it into his mouth gaging him with it, then putting a gas mask on his head, connected to a piss bottle. Then, out of her pure diabolic mind, Hinako pleasures herself with a vibrator and dildo in front of her sub who cannot move and of course cannot touch her. Finally, Hinako does something good for her parched sub and allows him to drink her pee!

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