Lady Bellatrix – Annihilating Losers Hole

This loser is Lady Bellatrix’s real life personal slave. Even though he spent a whole weekend cleaning Her massive house, She can always find a catalogue of reasons to punish him. When She shows him Her she-cock he starts begging for it so She offers him the tip to start licking. He is instructed to make it nice and wet because he knows where it is going next. Sucking it deeper, She starts face fucking him just to show him who’s the boss. She really wants to leave Her mark on him so She starts with Her trademark Lady Bellatrix grills across his back by scratching his back with Her nails. Lubing up his mancunt, She begins to invade his anal cavity with Her fingers. By the time She gets four fingers inside of him, he is prepared to take Her cock balls deep.

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