Lady Milana – Down Your Nose

Lady Milana is standing in front of her slave who is kneeling in front of her. She smacks his face for being such a little slut. The slave recives a long, hard faceslapping. Noumerous slaps hit his face while his mistress humiliates him. The gorgeous goddess smacks her slave again and again until he almost starts crying. When the cruel mistress is finaly done, she orders her slave to lie down on his back and locks his head in her case-toilet. Lady Milana then empties her bladder into a funnel. The delicious juice runs through the funnel, through a tube into the slaves nose and from their into his belly. The slave struggles to everything, but his cruel mistress shows no mercy. When the goddess is done and the slave drank every drop, Lady Milana allows him to masturbate.

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