Macy Cartel – I Love Sitting On Your Face

Macy Cartel loves using Danni as her human chair. His face is the perfect throne for her ass. She plans out her daily shopping while relaxing on his face. Her life is filled with leisure time and Danni’s life is nothing but labor. Danni must fund Macy’s lifestyle and submit to whatever tasks she wants him to do. Danni could never fight Macy on anything. She is too pretty to disagree with. Macy is excited to have yet another day filled with pampering. She makes Danni suck on her thong while she examines his chastity. She gently strokes Danni’s beta penis with her fingernails while he grows in his chastity cage. If he cleans her thong with his mouth well enough, Macy may have a treat for him.

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