Meana Wolf – The Taste Of You

I’m planning a dinner party after all… and while none of my guests know they’ll be eating you… I will know. And watching them sip red wine while the savour your delicious flesh is the most satisfying thing. My pussy aches and moistens at the thoughts of it. But first… you and I need a little appetizer don’t we? The cock must be drained of all it’s cum before it can be eaten. Cum of course is delicious, but not when cooked inside a thick juicy cock. You’ll love the taste of your severed dick once I fry it up in a pan. The smell alone will make your stomach growl and you’ll be overcome with the desire to taste your own perfectyly cooked cock. So relax and enjoy my fingers on your cock, my mouth sucking you slowly, because once you cum, I’m going to remove your tasty fucking cock… mmmm I’m getting hungry. Genres: vore, executrix, penectomy, cbt, handjobs, blow jobs, virtual sex.

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