Mia – Lick My Heels And Feet Loser

Mia tells her loser to “get to it!” She wants the soles of her shoes to be very clean and it is the loser’s job to lick all the dirt. Then, she wants the loser to take off her shoes for her and lick her feet. He has to lick her feet while looking at her perfect butt. Mia yells at the freak while it to gag on her pretty feet. She wants her feet to be very clean, but the loser is not up to Mia’s standards. It must get in between all her toes. She spits in his ugly face and makes him thank her for it. Mia giggles. “You are dumb!” Mia cannot believe what a pushover this idiot is! Mia decides that this loser is just pathetic enough to be turned into a human toilet. It will have to be a toilet for all the girls in the house!

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