Mistress Iside – Cannibal Cane

I grab my terrible black cane, the one of my slaves call cannibal because it leaves deep grooves with every stroke. After I ordered this fool to assume a stance that will make it easier to take all the blows I want to give him, I begin to strike with right power. None of the shots should be missed or inaccurate, for this reason I want this worm’s ass well exposed. The repeated and powerful blows make appear the first purple marks and each blow I add I can see how the increasingly battered skin becomes more sensitive transforming his suffering into a deep agony. I want a completely black ass and therefore I continue inexorably to hit always the same points. In a very short time, in fact, his skin will be crashed until it splits and all this work will greatly prolong the torment of this slave for the next days too!

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