Mistress Lady Renee – Ballbusted In The Spreader Device

“Legs spread” is an appropriate position for any slave about to undergo My powerful kicks to its balls! I like to make sure this slave cannot put his legs together and protect his precious junk from any incoming blows. I get My satisfaction from making him suffer, kicking him repeatedly right in the balls. Just watching the fearful look on his face gets Me all excited. Hearing him cry out in pain as My extreme high heels make a slapping impact right into the sack (and balls contained in it) gives Me reason to laugh, his pathetic testicles are Mine to punch, kick and bust as much as I please. Keywords: Female Domination, Free Femdom, Stockings, Nylons, Garter, Mistress Lady Renee, Mistress Renee, Redhead Mistress, Ball Abuse, Extreme Ballbusting, Balls Busting, Balls Abuse, CBT.

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