Mistress Lady Renee – Experimentation Position

My slaves are nothing but play things for My sadistic experiments and abuse. I’ve put this one in a strenuous position on the bondage device, just so I can experiment and torture his genitals. In order to keep him fixed in place I shove an anal hook up his rectum and attach it to his collar. The real experiment comes when I start to hammer the thick nails through his scrotum and foreskin, nailing that dick skin and fixing his ball sack all around the edges to the wooden plank! Now that I have his full attention, it’s time to attach the electrodes to the nails and ramp up the power. I wonder how much the bitch can take before he breaks? I’m going to have fun finding out! Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Mistress Lady Renee, Fishnets, Redhead, CBT, Electric Play, Bondage Male, Bondage, Extreme Torture.

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