Nika Venom – Mutt Scissor Punishment And Condom Humiliation

Nika Venom has her beta, Mutt, pinned beneath her. She’s brought him a treat! Her boyfriend’s cum! Her beta complains that he isn’t gay and does not want to eat cum. Nika punishes the beta with a scissorhold for its insolence. The law says that a beta cannot fight back against its Princess, no matter what she does to it. The beta’s face turns purple, but there is nothing he can do but accept the pain. The beta still begs to not be force-fed Nika’s boyfriend’s cum. Nika will punish it with scissorholds until it changes its mind. If he does not comply, not only will she continue to squeeze its neck with her powerful thighs, she will also withhold its seasonal release. Nika squeezes even harder. She will do this until the beta either eats the cum or kicks the bucket. The beta puts up a good fight, but of course, the Princess wins!

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