Nina Elle – Get It In Deeper

So I am hanging out around Mean Girl Manor and I had to go to the bathroom. When I’m done, I walk out to the living room and there is my stupid slave right where I left it – like the robot that it is. So I lay down, snap my fingers, and command it to get to cleaning my ass. After all, who needs to use toilet paper or even TOUCH themselves back there when you have subhuman slaves to literally LICK you clean at the snap of your fingers?? And we know that they are so pathetic that they probably actually ENJOY licking the sh*tt out of Our asses anyway LOL. So I just lay down and check my texts while I get my ass licked clean. But I want it REALLY clean. I want it cleaned BETTER than toilet paper- I want that Goddess bung-hole cleaned out on the INSIDE too! So I change positions and get up on the couch and yank on the slaves leash to put it in position.

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