Psycho Thrillers Films – American Teacher

Fumbling at the side of her desk, Mahina Zaltana opens a drawer grabbing a taser she keeps there, she shocks him as he tries to back away, but she nails him over and over. He jerks and writhes from the electric shocks and finally he is immobilized on the desk. She takes sexual revenge on him, climbing on top, she rides his still-hard cock From the cowgirl position, she uses the taser again – shocking him multiple times as she continues her grudge fuck. She comes to a climax, zaps him again, and climbs off him. Dragging his head to the edge of the desk, she bends his face down and pussy-smothers him while he gasps. Finally satisfied, she brings his neck down hard against the desk-edge as his neck snapped, he goes limp. She leaves him sprawled dead there on the desk.

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