Psycho Thrillers Films – The Strangler

A lap dancer/hooker Katie Kush turns out to be a strangler. Continuing her sexy dance, she starts to undress him. Unbuttons his shirt, pulls down his pants. Stripped to his tie and briefs, he lets her push him back down. She leaves the room for a moment to get a bottle of water. He goes through her purse. Finding a USB drive there, he steals it. She returns with the water, resumes her dance. She pulls his shirt down. Stripping down his briefs, she gives him hand/blowjob. She sucks and strokes his cock, getting him hard. When he is ready to cum, she hand-strokes him to climax. He leans back on the couch. She grabs his discarded pants, finds the USB drive he had stolen. She confronts him, interrogates him. Taking his phone, she discovers the call to his boss. Katie Kush grabs his tie and tightens it brutally. He starts to choke, she tightens it even more. He thrashes and squirms while she strangles him. He gasps, drools and dies.

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