Sablique Von Lux – Danni Must Worship And Serve His Keyholder

4K Ultra HD The beautiful, Sablique von Lux, has danni locked up in chastity. She’s had him locked for several months and she feels it’s time for danni to demonstrate how committed to her he truly is. All this time danni has been tributing Sablique half from each paycheck, but Sablique wants it all. The whole paycheck. Danni refuses. Sablique tells danni that if he does not agree to her demands, she will not unlock him ever. Danni throws a tantrum. He does everything for his Princess! Where does it end?! He was really looking forward to being able to jerk off into the toilet at the end of the month and now these new demands from his Princess are really messing things up for him. Sablique does not tolerate his backtalk. She makes the beta male kneel and kiss her ass. Danni continues to fret about where he will live and what he will eat once he’s penniless.

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