Sadie Holmes – Uses Her Date For Worship And Cash

Sadie Holmes is on her first date with Marcelo. He starts to massage her feet. Sadie repositions herself so that suddenly she is on the couch and Marcelo is on the ground. Sadie suggests that she would really like it if Marcelo kissed her feet. Marcelo starts to kiss them. What a gentleman! Sadie is impressed with his chivalry. Soon Marcelo is enthusiastically licking and kissing all over Sadie’s feet, just the way she likes. Sadie actually needs some money for things like rent and bills. $500 would be nothing to a wealthy man like Marcelo. Could he just help her out and go to the ATM and get it for her? The very chivalrous Marcelo agrees to go to the ATM and get some money for his date so that she can pay her rent. This gets Sadie excited and she pulls Marcelo’s head into her crotch. Marcelo eats his date’s pussy while she moans.

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