Macy Cartel, Sadie Holmes – Makes Their Computer Nerd Into An Ass Slut

Macy Cartel and Sadie Holmes are two sexy and mean web cam girls, waiting on some nerd to fix their computer so they can get to work. When he finally shows up and tells them his fee, they decide to pay him in another way. At first they flirt with him and tease him, just when the nerd thinks he is going to have the night of his life, Sadie puts her shiny red high heel in his balls while Macy giggles. This is going to be a long night! They tease, humiliate and break his balls with knees and kicks. Macy his face with her perfect ass, making him smell her pussy while Sadie drives her knee into his balls. Then Macy gets her turn to knee him while Sadie sits on his face.

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