Summer Day – Selfish Queening Bitch

Mistress Summer Day is in the mood for an orgasm so she decides to use her favorite pussy licking slave’s tongue to get her off. Sitting on her queening throne so her slave will have proper access when licking her pussy and clit she sits commandingly right on her slave’s face. She is in a generous mood and actually allows him to worship her without being locked in chastity. Of course this is not to get him off, or even for him to enjoy his own pleasure, but rather it allows her to tease his exposed cock. She does so cruelly with feather light touches of just a single finger, all the while reminding him that his cock will never enjoy the perfect pussy he is licking.

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Carmen Rivera – Bizarre By Nature Vol.10

Carmen Rivera - Bizarre By Nature Vol.10

Baronessa di Rivera and Miss Emelie Bentley suddenly have a big slave-fish on their fishing-rod while they were enjoying the day at their personal lake. As a welcome gift he gets a severe kick into his bowel. The reptiles dick is being used as a target so that he has to endure really heavy pain. Both of the Mistresses are proving that even fishes can be afraid to. After that they are enjoying a nice water fight after which the loser gets tarred and feathered. A merciless lashing of a peeping-tom makes this bizarre day perfect!

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