Mistress Lady Renee – Pin Poke Those Balls

When I screw My slave into the cock and ball pillory, he is obviously feeling pretty nervous and afraid (and rightly so!). For when his balls are at My mercy and he is restrained in such a way he cannot avoid the impending ball torture, there is sure to be CBT pain and suffering on the way. I have screwed those slave nuts into the device and make sure they are tightly secured and supper stretched. Even before I get My extreme stilettos into action, his nuts are about to pop! So imagine what a super sharp, shiny boot heel will do when pushing those balls to limit. No wonder this is one of My favourite nut-crunching bondage devices around! Keywords: Female Domination, Free Femdom, Mistress Lady Renee, Redhead Mistress, Boots, High Heels, CBT.

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